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Deathless Anguish

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Style: Death Metal
Location: Dammam - Saudi Arabia
Formed in: 2003
Status: Active

Website: myspace.com/deathlessanguish
deathless.anguish @ gmail.com
Vocal & Guitar: Kamal Khalil
Bass: Fawaz Shawaf
Drums: Talal Shawaf


Demise Inception [CD]

1. Prelude  
2. Inauguration Of Dissolution  
3. Catastrophic  
4. Demise Inception  
5. Abdication To Nihility  
6. Abomination Creed  
7. Condemned Creation  
8. Ominous Catacombs  
9. Vigor Remnants 

MP3 downloads

Inauguration to Dissolution
Condemned Creation


Deathless Anguish To start recording 2nd album soon

Local death metal act Deathless Anguish will start recording the second album entitled (The Perished) soon. The album will talk about the old Arabian mythologies and the perished nations. The album also will sound different since the band are going to heavily use Oriental scales. Wait for it.


Out of the Arabian Peninsula's most conservative country comes Saudi Arabia's death metal trio, Deathless Anguish. Deathless Anguish began as a one-man band with Kamal on the forefront during the years of 2003-2005. What was once a one-man band is now a death metal force to be reckoned with.

In 2002, when Kamal left his first band, Wry Wreathe, an alternative metal outfit from the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, the idea of starting a new death metal project seemed like a possibility; considering at the time of Wry Wreathe's existence, Kamal was the only Death Metal fan in the entire band. By the time 2003 rolled around, Kamal's ideas blossomed into reality when he began writing songs for the newly-conceived Deathless Anguish's first demo, World Domination.

World Domination consisted of 5 tracks. Its controversial theme described the Western civilization's firm grasp on the Middle East's political system and how the governmental organizations of the Middle East fell nothing short of being corrupted and underhanded. This theme inspired song names like "Kingdom of Hypocrisy" and "Revolutionary Carnage".

The demo was well-received by critics and fans of Death Metal in the Middle East; at a time where extreme metal was unrecognized in the Gulf region and Saudi Arabia, in general. With World Domination, Deathless Anguish set its foot in the underground Metal scene, garnering recognition for the once-frowned upon Saudi Arabian Metal scene.

Following the demo, a small jam entitled Mosquito Kick was held in Dammam where two Saudi bands (Creative Waste and Sound of Ruby) were to perform in front of a few friends, and Kamal was among those friends. After watching Creative Waste (grindcore) cover a Deathless Anguish song in tribute to Kamal's great efforts to push the scene forward, Kamal was left impressed that a drummer in Saudi could actually pull off a blast beat. This influence drove Kamal into asking Talal (drummer) to join Deathless Anguish as a sessionist for live shows. Talal agreed.

In 2005, the first ever public metal gig in Saudi Arabia (the SA Metal Gig) was drawing near, and Kamal had the idea to perform in that gig, but he needed a bassist. So, he asked Nasser Al-Baitar (former drummer of Wry Wreathe, also a bassist) to play bass for Deathless Anguish for the upcoming gig. The show was a success, after much anticipation and doubt. This gave Saudi metal fans a taste of the future of Saudi metal.

In the same year, Deathless Anguish, still as a one-man band, decided to release another demo, to follow up the success of World Domination. Proceeding with the same formula of a war-driven political theme, Belligerency was released in 2005. The demo suffered from a poor response compared to World Domination's success. But it did not stop them at all. In fact, it was a good transition to an even broader taste and style, which was obvious in the third demo, Demise Inception DEMO.

Following up more local gigs, Demise Inception DEMO was released in 2006. It was also recorded as a one-man effort. It was only released locally to fans in the region, so international reception was not included. But in that same year, Talal (drummer - Creative Waste) had decided to join the band as an original member and as did his brother Fawaz (bassist/vocalist of Creative Waste), resulting in the birth of a full-blown full-length album also entitled Demise Inception.

Demise Inception was the first record embodying their full sound and closing the gaps that had haunted the earlier demos. The inclusion of Talal and Fawaz gave the album a richer sound and a more collaborative experience.

Now, Deathless Anguish, as a three-man band ready to explore new depths in the underground metal scene, has finally risen amongst the fallen. The beast has awoken.

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03.03.2008 - Deathless Anguish by Kamal

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