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Final Serenade

Band info

Style: Alternative Rock
Location: Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
Formed in: 2005
Status: Active

Website: myspace.com/finalserenadeband
facebook group: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4999496669
Vocals: Waleed Akkad
Rhythm Guitar: Abdulrahman Arif
Lead Guitar: Kareem Nizamelden
Bass: Nawaf Kumosani
Drums: Husam Al Saigh

MP3 downloads

Dont Leave
Celestial Combustion


Final Serenade started originally in 2005 with the name Villa For Sale. It was an alternative rock band with full flexibility to create and perform a variety of other genres ranging from country music, to jazz, to punk, to death metal. Abdulrahman and his brother started this project playing guitars and have had already been playing for several years together. They introduced the idea to Sameer (drums) and Bader (vocals). No bassist was available at the time so the project went on without one. Abdulrahman and his brother have already written 4 songs which are (Donât Leave, Life is Hard, Humper Humper and Celestial Combustion). The 4 guys kept playing together for 3 months and had performed in front of an audience twice. Then Waleed Akkad (vocals) and Atta (bassist) joined the project. The band went on for a couple of months before Bader and Sameer left the project for unresolved issues. Soon Abdulrahmanâs brother also left due to personal reasons. With only 3 people left Abdulrahman , Waleed and Atta, they've begun to search for a guitarist and a drummer. The band was very fortunate to have found talented musicians on such short notice. The first ones to try had the potential, commitment and pro-activity the band needed (Kareem on lead guitar and Husam on drums. At that time, the recording of Donât Leave had already begun (Recorded at Khaled Abdulmanan's Studio) With the help of the newest members in the band the song became what it is now. And before the publishing of the song the band decided to change the name from Villa for Sale to Final Serenade. The band is currently active and working on their latest music and their upcoming live performances. References on previous gigs, dates, locations, etc will be provided upon request.

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03.03.2008 - Final Serenade by Kamal

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