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Style: Alternative Rock
Location: Dhahran
Formed in: 2007
Status: Active

Website: myspace.com/3pmtheband
Lead vocals/Rhythem Guitar: Sarthak Swami
Lead guitar/Backing vocals: Jake Breeze
Bass/Backing vocals: Sue Tate
Drums/Backing vocals: Taylor Porter

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You're Gone


Vote For 3pm Band (from Dhahran)

This is the only band from Saudi who is participating in this event. If you vote for them they will be playing in Dubai and Germany so help these guys out.

You can vote by sending e-mails to: vote@unitedwerockbattle.com

with at least 100 words saying why they think the band they chose should win and play at Dubai Desert Rock Festival and Germany's With Full Force.

The winner is based off the emails and judged by CSM and Germany.


3pm is an alternative rock band based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It consists of Sarthak Swami (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) Jake Breeze (lead guitar/backing vocals) Sue Tate (Bass/backing vocals) and Taylor Porter (drums/backing vocals). The band was originally formed in the multipurpose room at Taylor's compound by Sarthak and Taylor. It was later in the year, after a school held battle of the bands, where the band took second place, which Jake was added to the group to play lead guitar. The band then shifted its practice location to a slightly smaller but more private and secure location in Jakeâs house. After the summer of 2007 Sue joined the group to fill the missing slot of bass after the band lost its original bassist. Since then the band has sky rocketed in popularity playing in as many as three performances a month. The bandâs latest success story comes from Riyadh when they, along with several other Saudi based bands, took place in a small scale Woodstock concert in June of 2008. After a day of setting up 3pm took the stage to a crowd of over 1000 people to hear what they had to offer. After impressing everyone in the crowd for not only being one of the most enjoyable bands but the youngest and one of the only bands to have original pieces they were asked to go on to perform a second set for the crowd, drawing even more attention than the first time. They were greeted with an enormous applause from the crowd. The band will be re-locating to Austin, Texas in the summer of 2009 to continue their music career and take the career as far as the band can possibly take it.

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09.01.2009 - 3PM by Bigpurpleone

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