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Wasted Land

Band info

Style: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
Formed in: 2003
Status: Active

Website: myspace.com/wastedland1
Vocals: Emad Mujalled
Guitar: Ahmad Khoja
Guitar: Ayman Al Ghamdi
Bass: Sultan Al Ghamdi
Drums: Tameem Helmi


  The Beginning

01. Into Choas I Lost 
02. Folk Night 
03. Bells of the Falling Castle 
04. Anthem of Warriors 
05. Death in War 

MP3 downloads

Into Chaos I Lost
Folk Night
Bells of the Falling Castle


 Into Chaos I Lost (Live in SHAMAL)


Wasted Land's CNN interview (Full interview)

Once again Wasted Land has appeared in CNN along with Most Of Us and Tyrant Throne from Jordan. Check it out



Its all started in the year 2003 , when Ahmed Khojah , Emad Ashore, Sultan Alghamdi , Rayan Bahabri and Amer Tashkandi , created a thrash metal band called ( Crimson Iris ) they played for couple of months and did only one song called ( Away From Life ) , after while they disbanded because some personal reasons , for most of the band members . After three months they gathered for a new idea of creating a new band along with Ali Maarawi , Ahmed Khojah , Sultan Alghamdi, and Hani Nowillati they done with only 2 songs but unfortunately they broke up because they cannot decide which kind of metal they want to go with , that was in Summer of 2003, In the begging of 2004 , Ahmed , Hani Nowillati , Mohammed Shata , Emad Mujalled and Ayman Alghamdi formed a new band called ( S.M.F) according to metal yahoo group created by Ahmed himself. They started to play a slow metal music sounds like metal of 80s and they got one song called ( Broken Promises ) , but later on most of the members got busy with their studies so the the band didnt stay that long . In 2005 Ahmed and Ayman gathered for one simple session to play some guitars for fun , but some how this simple session turned out to be a great idea of creating a new band called ( Wasted Land ) they figured out that both of them playing and admiring melodic death music ( like Dark Tranquility and Inflames ) so they called Emad Mujalled and Sultan Alghamdi to join the band , Emad as a vocal and a drummer and Sultan as a bassist then after recording the first song ( Death in war) they found out the song Is doing very well among the metal head crowds and been asked to perform live couple of times , so the band seriously started to search for a permanent drummer to play live with them. They met Majed Shaarani who played only one show and designed the band's logo, but For some reasons Majed had to leave the band. Then the band replaced him wih Tameem as a permanent drummer

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03.03.2008 - Wasted Land by Kamal

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