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19.08Creative Waste Confirmed For Maryland Deathfest 2011
06.06Creative Waste's Upcoming Album To Feature Kevin Talley (Ex- Dying Fetus, Ex- Misery Index, Ex- Chimaria, DAATH)
20.04Rivers Running Red's New Track!
19.07Grieving Age Launched Their Album.
14.07Grieving Age Announces Debut Album
27.03Creative Waste To feature In Nasum tribute album!
13.02HED2Ground Appearing In Revolver Magazine (March 2009 Issue)
29.01Introducing The Constipated Sandniggers!
20.01New Band In The Eastern Province!
14.12Vote For 3pm Band (from Dhahran)
27.11Blood In Video
07.11GRIP - Another New Song By HED2Ground
27.10New Single From HED2Ground
14.10Saudi United Artists NEW SONG 'Psychogenesis'
04.09Deathless Anguish To start recording 2nd album soon

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Creative Waste Confirmed For Maryland Deathfest 2011

Saudi Arabia's Creative Waste have been confirmed for Maryland Deathfest 2011


Band profile: Creative Waste
Posted: 19.08.2010 by Grindbastard | Comments (2)

Creative Waste's Upcoming Album To Feature Kevin Talley (Ex- Dying Fetus, Ex- Misery Index, Ex- Chimaria, DAATH)

Renowned drummer Kevin Talley Creative Waste drummer, Talal Al-Shawaf, have finished laying tracks for the upcoming full-length debut by the Saudi Arabian Grindcore outfit, Creative Waste. The album is slated for a late 2010 release and will include two songs featuring Kevin Talley on drums. Creative Waste is also in talks to play a few shows in the US this summer. More details to follow.


You can hear the bands last record in it's entirety at this location: Creativewaste.bandcamp.com
Posted: 06.06.2010 by Grindbastard | Comments (0)

Rivers Running Red's New Track!

Saudi Metal band Rivers Running Red have released a single from what is going to be their first full-length album. The song is called 'Greed' and can be found on the bands myspace or the bands Facebook page. This song hs alread entered rotations in some U.S. radio stations so check it out!!



Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Rivers Running Red
Posted: 20.04.2010 by rrr | Comments (0)

Grieving Age Launched Their Album.

Grieving Age released their debut album last Thursday and uploaded 4 mins from each song on myspace.

Grieving Age stated:

"Working with Dan Swano ( Ex- Katatonia, Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity ) in mixing and mastering the album and Aaron Stainthorpe ( My Dying Bride ) in all album artworks and logo is a magnificent and tremendous step to us! It's kinda like a beautiful dream.


Produced and Recorded in Al Khobar 2008 by: Kamal Al Nauimi (Deathless Anguish and Flesh Laceration), also appeared as session Bassist

All Vocals been recorded at Third World Studio 2008 by:
Badr Al Zahrani

Mixed and Mastered At Unisound Studio 2009 by: Dan Swano

Artwork, Logo and Layout by: Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride)


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Grieving Age
Posted: 19.07.2009 by grieving_age | Comments (0)

Grieving Age Announces Debut Album

Grieving Age would like to announce the official release date of their debut album at the the 16th of July 2009!!

their will launch the album at Grand Prix-Jeddah / Single's Section-from 9:30PM till the Midnight.

Ahmed stated " I'm so glad that we are finally going to release our debut album,it took us 5 years to achieve such a sound,something we always wanted and dreamed of !this album shows a different path,hopefully people will like it and appreciate it.

big thanks to Kamal Al Nauimi for recording and producing this album " we had such a magnificent time,definitely we will do it again "

The album titled " In Aloof Lantern, Thy Bequeathed A Wailer Quietus

the album contains 2 relentless doom songs :

1-A Quadrennial Dame Pyres, Hearses Shall No Yawn, Thence...19: 55

2- Therefore, A Myriad Of Gargoyles Bellow Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee�16: 59
Posted: 14.07.2009 by Grindbastard | Comments (0)

Creative Waste To feature In Nasum tribute album!

The tribute record will feature covers from a lot of amazing grindcore/death metal bands including: Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Sayyadina, Malignant Tumor, and Cold Worker to name a few. Release date is planned to coincide with the Obscene Extreme Festival 2009 starting July 16, 2009.

Band profile: Creative Waste
Posted: 27.03.2009 by Grindbastard | Comments (0)

HED2Ground Appearing In Revolver Magazine (March 2009 Issue)

HED2Ground will be appearing in Revolver Magazine in March 2009 issue.

The magazine is doing a 'Meet and Greet' article on the band with a small introduction about H2G, a promo photo and links to the HED2Ground myspace page. They are also going to have a high res copy of "Blood In" for download to everyone on their website as well as hyperlinks to the bands Myspace page. Goto http://www.revolvermag.com to check it out.

The March issue will hit newsstands in the USA on the 24th February and the website will be updated on the following day (25th February) to include the song for download. The dates for release of the magazine here in the Middle East is unknown but keep an eye out for it at your local magazine/book store.

This is awesome news for the band as well as the scene in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general. Revolver is the industry trade magazine for hard rock and heavy metal music, similiar to how Billboard magazine is for chart music, and will be read by major people working within the industry and metal heads alike.

Please go out and buy the March issue of Revolver and help spread the word about the music scene and the local bands out here and also show your support for HED2Ground.

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: HED2Ground
Posted: 13.02.2009 by JiMmY_GoNe_NuTz | Comments (0)

Introducing The Constipated Sandniggers!

You can find the songs on this Page:

Fawaz: Guitar/Vocals
M. Hajjaj: Vocals

Posted: 29.01.2009 by Grindbastard | Comments (0)

New Band In The Eastern Province!

Fawaz and Essam of Creative Waste have formed a side project band, where Fawaz will be handling the guitar and vocals and Essam on Drums. Also, Mohammed Al-Hajjaj(Sound of Ruby) will also be participating as a vocalist in a number of songs.

The Style will be more of Hardcore/Crust/Stoner influences with a hint of southern metal.

Two songs have already been recorded, and they will be posted very soon.

Stay tuned for more!
Posted: 20.01.2009 by Grindbastard | Comments (0)

Vote For 3pm Band (from Dhahran)

This is the only band from Saudi who is participating in this event. If you vote for them they will be playing in Dubai and Germany so help these guys out.

You can vote by sending e-mails to: vote@unitedwerockbattle.com

with at least 100 words saying why they think the band they chose should win and play at Dubai Desert Rock Festival and Germany's With Full Force.

The winner is based off the emails and judged by CSM and Germany.

Band profile: 3pm
Posted: 14.12.2008 by Kamal | Comments (0)

Blood In Video

The Music Video for Blood In that was done for entry to the United We Rock Battle is now available to watch on www.myspace.com/hed2ground. It was done late one night and in three takes with two Video Cameras, then hours of post production to achieve the final result.

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: HED2Ground
Posted: 27.11.2008 by Bigpurpleone | Comments (0)

GRIP - Another New Song By HED2Ground

Please check out our latest original song called Grip on our mypsace page. It definately isn't a song thats our usual genre/style but it certainly has the HED2Ground feel in it. Download it if you like it and let us know what you think as we love to hear all your feedback.



Source: myspace.com
Band profile: HED2Ground
Posted: 07.11.2008 by JiMmY_GoNe_NuTz | Comments (0)

New Single From HED2Ground

New recording from HED2Ground up on the band's Myspace page. Give "Throw" a listen and download it. We think you will like it....Give "Blood In" a listen too if haven't already. Thanks for the support and we definitely are looking forward to a major, ass-kicking gig in November.


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: HED2Ground
Posted: 27.10.2008 by Steve - H2G | Comments (0)

Saudi United Artists NEW SONG 'Psychogenesis'

The Second song from the Saudi United Artists project. Three guitarists Naief D (Rivers Running Red), Hatem Jacksbear, and Abdulrahman Arif (Final serenade, Villa for sale) and produced by Khaled Abdulmannan!

It's a sick song! You should all check it out!


I'll keep you updated on upcoming songs!


Source: reverbnation.com
Band profile: Rivers Running Red
Posted: 14.10.2008 by rrr | Comments (0)

Deathless Anguish To start recording 2nd album soon

Local death metal act Deathless Anguish will start recording the second album entitled (The Perished) soon. The album will talk about the old Arabian mythologies and the perished nations. The album also will sound different since the band are going to heavily use Oriental scales. Wait for it.

Band profile: Deathless Anguish
Posted: 04.09.2008 by Kamal | Comments (0)

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