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OCTUM Demo Album reviewed by Jorzine.com

Band: Octum
Written by: MegaDroogie666
Published: 05.07.2008
Octum - Fighting For Freedom(2008)

Witch Hunter

Track list:

In 60 Fire
Illusion Of War
Fighting For Freedom
The End

When I was first passed the link of their Myspace site, I must confess that I wasn't expecting much. It took about 30 seconds of the first track to convince me otherwise. These guys are really good, However they seem to test negative for the extreme originality symptom, but that is compensated by the more-than-upper average quality of their tracks.

Their riffs, vocal lines and everything about them recalls the old greats Metallica and Megadeth (more than noticeable in Illusion Of War and Fighting For Freedom). Some other tracks just remind you of Trivium (The End). However even if the vocals do reflect Hetfield, Heafy (Hetfield) and Mustaine in some verses (as well as the compositions) they do not seem to sound tired, old or repeated. Delusion just seems to be a track that was a result of train crash between Kreator and Zombie Ghoust Train and something SUM 41 would do imitating Iron Maiden. Still ecstatically good.

I don't know how they made it but they managed to sound fresh and somehow original as if Metallica and Megadeth would (and should sound nowadays if things went differently). The overall quality is much more than I would have ever expected.

Two thumbs up for the solos, passionate and energetic. Technically close to perfection. The overall sound quality of the tracks is at a good level (except the vocal quality which seems rather unconvincing) however this is only a Demo and the guys are still young (max 20 if I am not mistaken) . And in my opinion they already kick ass, I can only imagine them after a few years with some more experience behind their backs.

This demo is by far the best that I have heard from the middle east for the last 4 or 5 months. I am really glad that I have had the chance to hear it. It really brought back a smile on my face.

Final words: OCTUM .... BRAVO!

Rating: 6.5/7

P.S: Thank you Dark Prince.

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