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Megadeth Interview in Jakarta (2007)

Written by: Ayman Ali
Published: 11.07.2008


This interview was supposed to be posted many months ago, but because of closing S.A metal site for construction and being busy working out some personal issues, it was delayed to this date.

The story of this interview begins when we, me and my friend Saleh Al-Ziben, went to the Indonesian capital Jakarta, planning to attend a concert for one of our best metal bands of all times Megadeth. At the same day of the concert and before it starts, we went to the hotel ( Grand Melia Jakarta Hotel ) where the legendary band was staying in. when we arrived there we were surprised to find many Indonesian reporters waiting to do there own interviews with the band. after waiting for almost two hours one of the organizers came and called us and the other reporters to go to the room where the small conference is taking place . Below you will read the details of that unforgettable interview:

1. Where does the new album United Abominations stand compared to the older ones?

Well it shows that as long as the vision is coming and we are doing what the vision is and the percentage of success in this album is high comparing to the previous ones.

2. What was your idea when you wrote Amerikhastan ?

It shows how may people would kill and fight for their religions and basically it has the same Holy Wars ideas. In other way you can call it Holy Wars II.

3. What was the story behind choosing Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil to feature you in toute lemonde?

I can tell you the short version about it, she was the right person for the job , her voice tone matched mine plus that she is a talented and beautiful woman, the song was supposed to be released as a bonus track in the Japanese release, but the president of the records label wanted it to be in the international release, so it came out on America and got banned again in the radio and seriously I dont understand why that happened.

4. One of the other Indonesians reporters asked: Why your album Risk is lame comparing to Megadeth other albums?

Because It was written under pressure and Marty wanted it to be Slower and more melodic and by that time I knew that was it and it will change the history of the band and this will be the last project for Marty with us.

5. Also another Indonesian reporter asked: What do you think of your metal concerts here in Indonesia specially that you have been here in the year 2001? Are you excited about it?

This time Shawn Drover answered and said: it is great to perform and play our music in different parts of the world and we are so excited for the tonight show.

Dave added: I think the band now with its new line up has more charisma, and you will notice that when we play on stage tonight.

Again Shawn added: we didnt come here to be paid or for the money, we are here for the sake of the music and the true loving of Metal and Megadeth and it is all at the end for the people who love the real music.

6. Well this will sound weird for you Mr. Dave but we came all the way from Saudi Arabia just to do this interview with, so would you tell us how do you feel about having fans all over the Middle East?

It is a wonderful feeling to have fans from every part of the world. We went to Dubai and then to Till Aviv. My mom is Jewish and I am Christian and that would creep people or make them worry, but for me I am not afraid because I know that I am among my friends and I know if anything happened to me then that what was meant to happen for me.

7. Any last words you would like to say?

Dave: All what I want to say is thank you all for this interview and it was really an honor to have this interview with you all and to know that our music could be inspiring to you all.

To see more pictures of the interview and the concert please visit the following link:


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