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Interview with Municipal Waste

Written by: BaderX
Published: 21.11.2008
Municipal Waste is a thrash/crossover band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. They are known for their loud, drunk, party atmosphere and rowdy show attendees. Show-goers are known for crowd-surfing with boogie boards, bringing inflatables and general rowdy behavior.

o Tony "Guardrail" Foresta - Vocals
o Ryan Waste - Guitar
o Philip "Landphil" Hall - Bass, Vocals
o Dave Witte - Drums

Municipal Waste Performing in Hellfest 2008

This interview was suppose to be in Hellfest 2008. But I wasn't able to make it, and it has been done through e-mail. and it was with Tony Foresta.

Bader : What can you tell us about the next Municipal Waste record? What should we expect? More partying perhaps? Will it be the best album ever?

Tony : I certainly hope it will be the best album ever!

Tony : We have been in the writing process for a couple months and have a ton of new songs. I would say the new stuff has way more of an aggresive feel to it. The Waste is a bit pissed off with this one. I cant wait to unleash it on the world.

Bader : How does the writing process work with you? Does someone write a song and then the rest of the band plays it, or do you just jam all together and then get something?

Tony : We all contribute with the writing process. Ryan and Phil hang out and cook up riffs at his place. Then they present them to Dave and he adds and changes what he feels is neccesary. I mostly contribute lyrics and change song parts here and there. I really like the fact that everyone has their own imput it helps everyone be more creative.

Bader : What do you guys think of the current metal scene? Is it getting better or worse? And what are your thoughts about the occasional trends that pop up, what do you think the new trend is?

Tony : I really like Toxic Holocaust and Midnight. These bands have renewed my faith in modern metal. I think the Deathcore trend is horrible. It's just bad song writing. I have no idea where these kids are getting their musical influences but they need
to start listening to some Poison Idea and Kreator.

Municipal Waste

Bader : What would you say was the best time for metal music or even music in general? 70s, 80s, 90s or present?

Tony : I'm sure everyone says this but the 80's of course. What an amazing time for music all around.

Tony : So many legendary bands popped up during those 10 years. I could name a jillion.

Bader : From all the bands you played shows with, whos your favorite? And why?

Tony : Slayer because they are fucking Slayer! But my favorite band I toured with would have to be Suicidal Tendencies. They were such an amazing group of guys and they were so much fun to hang out with every night. Mike Clark even got on stage and played and S.O.D. cover with us.

Municipal Waste

Bader : You guys are known for having really crazy fans. Which would you say was the craziest crowd youve ever played for? Any memorable moments?

Tony : Our last Richmond show was really wild. We played at a venue that had a second floor balcony and people kept jumping off it into the crowd. It was like they were jumping into a swimming pool. It was definatly one of the most sketchiest things I have ever seen. I am really shocked no one died that night.

Bader : Ever heard about metal bands existing in the Middle East?

Tony : I just recently heard about a documentary that is coming out about bands from the Middle East. I'm very interested in seeing it. We usually try to keep our ear to the ground and keep up with the international scene. There are good bands all over this planet. So bands please write us! We would love to check you out!

Bader : Would you guys ever consider playing/partying in the Middle East(Saudi Arabia).

Tony : Hell yeah! We will thrash the fucking place!

Bader : Any words for your crazy fans in the Middle East?

Tony : Thanks for your support! Cheers!

Municipal Waste

Special Thx to Talita from Earache Records.
(*) Pictures source from http://www.facethewaste.com & http://www.myspace.com/municipalwaste

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