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Suidakra - Cragacht

Written by: Raziel
Published: 22.04.2009
Arkadius Antonik - guitars, vocals
Marcus Riewaldt - bass
Lars Wehner - drums

You guessed it. German Melodic death/Folk metal band Suidakra are back again with the release of their new album Crogacht in February of this year. With an affection for the Irish, and generally the gaelic sound, "Crogacht" (meaning bravery) is a concept album, as it's predecessor "Caledonia" (2006), unveiling the story of the Irish mythological hero Cuchulainn. Having this for a start, the album introduces the listener from the very first seconds into the mystic and ancient environment with the instrumental "Slun" and then dynamically enters with the next three tracks, to grab you and put you in the agony of the battlefield. "Conlaoch", sustains the bagpipe sound strong together with the guitars, "Isle Of Skye" keeps the vigorousness with extra cry outs although it gives an extra thrust on the epic side with chorus vocals, and "Scathact" continues likewise. The melodic "Feats Of War" with the voice of Tina Stabel and the acoustic guitar, has a boost of folk feeling. Probably is going to be the song that will stuck in your mind the most.

As this album has the tendency of changing from melodic to aggressive in a remarkable way, "Shattering Swords" unravels to more aggressive paths with fast guitars, storming blast beats and keyboard highlights. "Ar Nasc Fola" turns again to melodic parts with acoustic guitars, while the sound of flute is adding up more to the atmosphere tried to be described. War tempo drums, misty fields, for the ones knowing the story, the music connects perfectly.

The last two tracks end this concept album in the same way as it started. "Gilded Oars" combines keyboard with sharp guitars and enormous percussion sound with an epic cut. This enhanced vigorous atmosphere passes to the last track "Baile's Strand" with choir keyboards, folk cuts enriched with heavy sound and narrative parts to give place again to belligerent level, it could be assumed that this last track wraps up all the elements the album offers.

The only gripe with this album that many fans had was that it featured the absence of guitarist Marcel Schoenen who departed from the band in November 2007 to concentrate on his job. Marcel with his trademark booming clean vocals and rapid guitar skills gave many of Suidakra's more popular songs its trademark heavy sounding folk edge.




1. Slan
2. Conlaoch
3. Isle of Skye
4. Scathach
5. Feats of War
6. Shattering Swords
7. Ar Nasc Fola
8. Gilded Oars
9. Baile's Strand

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