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Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague

Written by: Raziel
Published: 19.05.2009
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - vocals
Pat O'Brien - guitar
Rob Barrett - guitar
Alex Webster - bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz - drums

Cannibal Corpse is just one of those bands that never strays from being consistent. Nor will their latest 11th studio release (Feb 3 '09) dissapoint CC fans. Under the title Evisceration Plague, this 13 track album continues the raw heavy brutality with the usual destructive vocals of Corpsegrinder and the under appreciated technicality of Pat O' Brien and Rob Barrett's guitar work that has become a trademark for this american death metal band,

Evisceration Plague represents a purity in death metal of sorts, because it sticks to its roots of staying true to what makes death metal great, which is the raw brutality that metal hadn't yet been able to create prior to death metal. Progression within death metal is always healthy, but being able to go back to albums like Evisceration Plague and new releases from other bands like Nile and Napalm Death are always very reassuring to fans of death metal prior to the recent surge in its popularity over the last few years. Tracks like "Scalding Hail", "Carnivorous Swarm", "Beheading and Burning" are evidence of this.
Despite it's technicality though, the immense grooves that emanate from your speakers will inevitably make you headbang, or at least nod a bit if you are at your shitty desk job pushing your mundane pencils (no worries folks, I am one of those guys), which is ultimately what makes Cannibal Corpse a severed head better than most.


1. "Priests of Sodom"
2. "Scalding Hail"
3. "To Decompose"
4. "A Cauldron of Hate"
5. "Beheading and Burning"
6. "Evidence in the Furnace"
7. "Carnivorous Swarm"
8. "Evisceration Plague"
9. "Shatter Their Bones"
10. "Carrion Sculpted Entity"
11. "Unnatural"
12. "Skewered from Ear to Eye"

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