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Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

Written by: Raziel
Published: 11.06.2009
Barney Greenway - vocals
Mitch Harris - guitar, vocals
Shane Embury - bass, vocals
Danny Herrera - drums

Consider this analogy: Metallica is to thrash metal as Napalm Death is to grindcore. That pretty much sums up the british godfathers of grind Napalm Death who with their latest offering titled "Time Waits For No Slave" (Jan 23 2009) prove that even after 28 years and 14 albums later, they still know how to make ears bleed and heads crack.

The band spent most of the 1990s experimenting with more traditional metal trappings before their return to form beginning in the 21st century. TWFNS is 50 minutes of catchy riffs, brutal drumming, rabid screaming and of course their pacifistic leftist politically-leaning lyrics. And even though its as acidic and relentless as any of their recent albums, it is yet infused with some traditional punk style signatures that havent been heard from the band in a very long time. This is especially true on the bristling onslaught of tracks like "Diktat," and "Work to Rule," which show how a band can sound both familiar and fresh. The band's experimental flair and well written song structures are well accounted for on songs like "On the Brink of Extinction" and "Fallacy Dominion". Mitch Harris and Shane Embury continue to mine influences from outside metal to sharpen their sound while drummer Danny Herrera again offers a performance just short of outright barbarism.

In short, TWFNS is an outstanding effort in the grindcore scene, it's fast and it's furious and it's surprisingly catchy. Fans of napalm death and of extreme metal music will not be dissapointed.


01. Strong Arm
02. Diktat
03. Work To Rule
04. On The Brink Of Extinction
05. Time Waits For No Slave
06. Life And Limb
07. Downbeat Clique
08. Fallacy Dominion
09. Passive Tense
10. Larceny Of The Heart
11. Procrastination
12. Feeling Redundant
13. A No Sided Argument
14. Ad Nauseum

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