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Date registered: 08 August 2006
Last seen online: 2396d ago
Real name: al-hajjaj
Location: dammam, Saudi Arabia
Age: 98  [ 06 October 1919 ]
Languages: ufo
E-mail: vb_beershotmail.com
MSN: vb_beers@hotmail.com
YIM: sound_of_ruby@yahoo.com
Website http://www.soundofruby.net
Favorite bands: old school punk - hard rock - old school blues - inde rock - grunge - new wave -60s-70s-90s music -Experimental music- Neo-Psychedelia-Noise rock-arabic music-blues
Personal text: are you sick ? Lipstick On My Dick

Attended gigs

22.05.2008 SAU, Khobar - Rock Storm


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