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Title: Administrator
Position: Admin
Date registered: 08 August 2006
Last seen online: 1680d ago
Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Age: 33  [ 24 February 1984 ]
Languages: Arabic and English
Instruments: Bass Guitar
E-mail: bader84gmail.com
Favorite bands: Rush, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Neurosis, Stereolab, Disco Inferno, ISIS, Mastodon, Faith No More, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sigur Ros, Mono, Pink Floyd, King Crimson
Favorite album: Remedy Lane - Pain of Salvation
Favorite song: Arriving Somewhere But Not here - Porcupine Tree

Attended gigs

27.01.2005 SAU, Dammam - SAMETAL GIG I
08.09.2005 SAU, Dammam - SAMETAL GIG II
18.05.2006 SAU, Khobar - SAMETAL GIG III
06.09.2007 SAU, Riyadh - The Clash Of Irons
22.05.2008 SAU, Khobar - Rock Storm


07.03.2008 | 138 Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2008


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